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University Place Church

403 S Wright St, Champaign, IL 61820


BUILT: 2021


Our first project was the renovation of  the Homework Room for DREAAM, a local nonprofit that provides academic enrichment for males ages 4-24, majority of which are Black and Latinx. DREAAM mainly operates out of the University Place Church and conditions in the Homework Room are not conducive to learning. The space also gained a new daytime function as a career center for adults to access work space and technology.


We aimed to design a space that is tailored to the students, providing a variety of flexible workspaces that improve collaborative and individual learning experiences. We believe sustainability is intersectional and should be justice-guided. This project invested in the academic careers of young males in marginalized communities by creating spaces that have enhanced learning conditions.

We created a mural, hex tables, and benches.  

DREAAM has since said that the room has fulfilled and surpassed expectations.  DREAAM's founder, Tracy Dace said that the kids love the versatile use of the space, the openness, and the colors.  The mural inspired an art project for the kids, encouraging them to use graphics to show what their dream is!  

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